Wednesday, April 16, 2014

VIP Swag Bags

Every year, our first 50 VIP guests receive champagne and a goodie bag that includes discount vouchers, product samples and little gifts, along with a copy of Seattle Met Bride & Groom. So don't hesitate to get your VIP tickets right away, since they do tend to sell out before the day of the event!

Local and Regional businesses!
Would you like to reach men and women in the Seattle area that are looking for special products & services, especially regarding weddings or special events? Contact us to contribute to our VIP bags! Preference given to: Hair/Skin/Makeup samples, Candy/Chocolate samples, customized & handmade items, Special Deals to restaurants, bars, hotels, wedding venues, wineries, car services and more...

Thank you to Seattle Met Bride & Groom for contributing magazine copies each and every year
for this fun event!
This year's amazing contributors include:

Atomic Cosmetics (gorgeous custom lipsticks)
Caffe Vita (bags of Del Sol coffee)
Cameron Catering (vouchers)
Celeste Cooning (samples)
E. Smith Mercantile (postcards)
Ghost Gallery (vouchers)
Julianne Santos Weddings & Events (vouchers)
Lucky Vintage (vouchers)
Poquitos ($10 gift cards)
Pretty Parlor (vouchers)
Ravishing Radish (15% off voucher)
ReRunRoom Vintage (concrete candle/air plant holders)
Rustic Dreams Photography (vouchers + candy)
Stylus Salon (hair/skin care samples)
Von Trapp's (gift cards)


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