Monday, March 12, 2012

Sara Tro Photography - featured vendor and sponsor

We're very excited to share one of our event sponsors and favorite vendors, Sara Tro Photography.  Sara's photos are evocative, timeless and dreamy.  She was kind enough to share with us about her passion for photography, and a few shots that highlight her artistry and vintage sensibility. 

 "Photographing a wedding day as it unfolds is one of the most inspiring and touching things to take part in."

"I'm an old-school girl at heart, and so I use film, toy cameras and funky lenses alongside my pro digital system, in an effort to capture timeless, honest, and hauntingly beautiful images. I feel this brings a unique voice to your wedding collection, one that reflects your style and your love."

 "I also provide Super 8 Wedding Films, as an answer to the sometimes less-than-lovely wedding videos.  Super 8 has a luscious, quirky quality that resembles a dream.. A bit foggy, a bit blurry, but oh so beautiful in that blurriness.  There is no better way to capture the moving image than with this film-based medium."
"My clients often tell me, as I'm leaving at the end of the day, that I "feel like part of the family".  What an honor it is to be a witness and a friend on such a special day." 

We're pleased to present Sara Tro Photography to our vintage-loving brides as an event sponsor and featured vendor at the 3rd Annual NW Vintage Wedding Fair.  Pre-sale tickets available now.
Come meet Sara and learn more about what she has to offer on March 31, 2012!

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